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  • Sandtray Therapy

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    What type of clients use Sandtray at Bring It Into Being Counseling?

    Adults who intellectualize and avoid contact with emotion. Some clients who have a history of trauma, over verbalize as a defense to emotion, are “stuck” in verbal therapy. If you are tense and anxious and have trouble articulating your thoughts and feelings. The Sandtray vessel for you to see your problems in an external way to process them.

    Do all clients at Bring It Into Being Counseling use Sandtray?

    Nope, you are in charge of your sessions, it is up to your request if you would like to try this type of healing.


    How Sandtray works

    ● The Sandtray itself is a container for clients’ experience.

    ● The sand activates the right brain, a nonverbal mode of thinking.

    ● What is experienced in a nonverbal way is brought into conscious awareness.

    ● Because the body and mind are fully engaged, the experience creates neural pathways in the brain, develops new memories, and builds internal resources which can be called upon in later real-world situations.